Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Last Night's Lisa Scottoline Book Signing!

Hey all you 'Pendletonites' ... 'Pendletonets?' ... Hey everybody. As you can see, I was a hit at last night's book signing. No not mine, Lisa Scottoline's. We talked about our writing methods; she made a few good points (Duh ... Published Author!) and I made ... well, I was convinced. I basically ended up taking over the book signing and actually bantered. BANTERED! With Lisa "Rosato and Associates" Scottoline. WOW! (Please pause while I look at the picture again.) WOW!

Well, anyway, I had believed I was doing the right thing by going back over what I had written so far, smoothing the edges and polishing the
p's and q's. I kept telling myself I'll thank me later. Hey isn't that what Monk always says? Hmm. She convinced me to get it written first, then polish later. Okay, okay.

So here I am, the very next day-still not getting over last night-and a couple of years later after finishing Chapter Ten, about to write ... dut, duh, duh, daa! Chapter Eleven. Hopefully, I will have "File 3297: The Shanghai Tunnels" completed before Christmas. Fingers crossed.

Forgive me but I've got about 29 chapters to get written. Gotta go!

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