Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The First Chapter

Hello Pendleton Filers. I thought I would take a small break from writing and give my fans a treat. Here's the first chapter of the next book in The Pendleton Files series.

FILE 31410: Pioneer Courthouse Square


   The Victim

   “Hallelujah and praise Jesus! Amen! I come to you in the name of the Lord. Do not take his name in vain!”
“Lordy mercy!” The young girl laughed as she exaggerated the transient’s religious enthusiasm. She danced and pranced with an equal level of exuberance in front of her boyfriend, who was laying back on his elbows, his legs outstretched over the Square’s steps. His dark eyes were locked on her as he watched her breast bounce and jiggle under her navy-blue T-shirt, with a certain desirable interest.
   “I say unto thee, let not yee set us asunder!” The transient continued, though her mockery did not escape his attention. “Let those who are without sin cast the first stone,” he said in a lower tone, since the person his message was meant for wasn’t far.
   But the young girl was not deterred. She turned to the old transient with a smile and waved her arms as if she were at a Baptist revival. “Praise be!” She shouted. Her boyfriend threw back his head and laughed.
   It was a Tuesday afternoon in April. The Square’s crowd was sparse and scattered. The potted trees bordering the north and south sides were a testament to the recent start of a new spring season, their bright green leaves only just barely unfurled. A warm breeze occasionally visited the brick-laid surface of the open plaza, bringing a welcome relief to the last remains of the winter’s cool breath.
   The three of them were at the southwestern end of Pioneer Square, at the bottom of the steps that arced across its western half. “Rejoice,” the transient continued. “For we shall all be with him and our loved ones in Kingdom of Heaven!”
   “Lord help me, Jesus!” The young girl, whose intention was to entertain her boyfriend, got more into it and added more swing to her shaking hips.
   Her boyfriend was enjoying every minute. His grin, just as big as it was when he had laughed before. This time she laughed with him, happy that he liked what he saw. Then …
   Phhooom, POP!
   It came without warning.
   She had no idea what the sound was. Her back was turned when it happened, but she could see the shocked look on her boyfriend’s blood spray speckled face. She slowly turned. She was afraid of what she might see, but she couldn’t stop herself.
   The transient was no longer there. His body laid where it fell, his legs slightly apart and his arms outstretched as if he were about to make a snow angel. A feat that would’ve been impossible, considering he had no head. His heart, beating its last beats, continued to bring blood to the body part that was no longer there.
   “EEEEEEEEEEE!” The girl screamed.
   "Holy shit!" her boyfriend said. Then he giggled with a just a hint of hysterics and said, “I guess God didn’t like what he saying.”

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