Monday, January 7, 2013

New Edition Coming!

   Good news for anyone who hasn't downloaded my book, FILE 3297: The Shanghai Tunnels. I've been busy revamping it. Bad news for those who've already downloaded it. Sorry.

   Let's be honest. I published it in a frantic hurry. At the time, I was rehired at my old job and that took away my time from properly completing the book. And as you may have already discovered, if you read any of it, my editing suffered because of it.
   Last November I was laid off again which has given me time to review things. I recently took some time away from finishing the second book to have another look at the first. Let's just say I wasn't happy. My first thought was to apologize to everyone who owns it. Thankfully, most of you got it for free via one of my "FREE FILE Weekend" and "FREE FILE FRIDAY" promotions.

   So if anyone would like to read a new series that's got a little Evanovich style mixed in with some Scottoline. Or if any Stephanie Plum fans would like to know what a character like her would be like if she were an heiress, or if she actually was a Private Investigator who grew up on the west coast instead of the east. Then The Pendleton Files is for you.

   *Unfortunately, I don't have it ready for redistribution yet. However, I WILL have it ready before Friday. I promise.
   Until then, if any collector-files would like to own a copy of a book that might be a big hit (once I fix it) before it gets fixed. Then ... click here. It's still available for download. 

Stay tuned.
Greg Wilhelm-author of The Pendleton Files

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