Thursday, March 26, 2009

File 3297: The Shanghai Tunnels

For the longest time, I had trouble with my Prologue. I even trashed the original (not completely) and started from scratch. But. I'm happy to say it is done. I've gotten it to the point to where I no longer want to mess with it. By the way, that's how you know it's done. When you stop MESSIN' wit' it! That advice not only comes from me, but also and originally from Sherilyn Kenyon, one of my wife's favorite Authors. Actually, she said, 'when the publisher asks you for it for the umpteenth time, then its time to leave it alone'.
Okay! Now. That was about a month ago. Since then I've stopped MESSIN' with Chapters One, Two, Three, and
just yesterday Chapter Four.
Unfortunately, yesterday I was laid off from work. It was my only
personal source of income. My wife is currently the bread winner. But fortunately that means my Blogs will no longer be neglected, and today I just may actually get Chapter Five done.

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