Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"FILE 31410: Pioneer Courthouse Square"

   I decided to give any fans of The Pendleton Files out there a treat today. This is actually the latest chapter in the book. I wrote it on Monday (2/18/13).

Here it is

Chapter Twenty-five
       The Target

   The only reason I know about “The Sicko” is because I overheard Kris talking in his sleep. It took some prodding to get him to talk to me about it. After what he told me, I was sorry I did.
   Kris had numerous assignments involving intelligence gathering when he was a KGB Agent. When he wasn’t doing that, he was the Kremlin’s top assassin. This was something he was proud of. It was through this type of work that he honed his investigative skills.
   He discovered his sniper talent during his tour of duty in the Soviet Red Army in the early ’80s, back when the U.S.S.R. was at war with Afghanistan. Kris’ Unit had some down time and his comrades were target practicing. When Kris had his turn, they were amazed by his accuracy. Eventually, their target practicing became a competition which evolved into gambling. Each bet consisted of whether or not Kris could hit a target at various distances. The further he got, the higher the bet. He claims this went on until he had to change rifles at a distance of 1,408 meters. It was a record he held until a Canadian sniper beat it in 2007 by 1,031 meters, which coincidentally was also in Afghanistan.
   When his superiors got wind of his skills, Kris was transferred to their Sniper Division, which I was surprised to discover consisted primarily of women. His kills were boasted by everyone with a high rank wherever Vodka was served. This was how he graduated to being a KGB agent.
   The only time one of Kris’ targets ever got away was Resiko Guerlich. Resiko is nasty asshole whose as nasty as they come. His killing career was suspected to have started in St. Petersburg. At first, the local law enforcement thought he was a serial killer, but over time it was clear this was not the case. The only people who knew the real story was the KGB. Resiko was a rogue German agent who had taken it upon himself to eliminate Soviet agents. He would achieve this through sadistic torture that was never the same with any of his victims. I’ll spare you the details, something that I wish Kris had done for me. He was named “The Sicko” by other bad guys with a similar agenda and was routinely hired by them for various “odd jobs”.
   Now this son of a bitch has the “Ice Cannon”. And once again, it was up to Kris to take him out.

   Hope everyone enjoyed that. I'm working as fast as I can. No one wants this one written more than me. Only because I can't wait to start writing "FILE 22013: Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas", the 3rd book of The Pendleton Files.

Stay tuned and as always, all comments are welcome.

Greg Wilhelm -author of The Pendleton Files

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